About Us

About Us

Our Values

1) Diligence and Hard work

We put in all our effort and energy for the sake of Hévéa Africa Limited’s success.

2) Integrity, Morality, Ethics, Transparency and Honesty

We still believe in the above original and authentic virtues. They still remain and will continue to be the back bone and the foundation of all we do. We uphold such virtues at all times and in everything we do. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We do the right thing even in the face of tough decision making.

3) Accountability

At Hévéa Africa Limited (HAL) each stakeholder is accountable for his or her actions.

4) Team work

We do things bearing in mind that the synergy of individual actions will push us right to the goal.

5) Outstanding Commitment to Hévéa Africa Limited (HAL)

All stakeholders must show full and outstanding commitment to Hévéa Africa Limited as a legal entity. HAL’s interest should be at the top all the time and individual interest will automatically follow.