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We are in the business of growing Rubber Trees (Hévéa Tree) for collecting latex on daily basis then processed it into natural rubber which end products include gloves, aircraft and trucks tyres, doors and window profiles, hoses, belts, matting, flooring and dampeners (anti-vibration mounts) for the automotive industry, all related rubber products and adhesives in many manufacturing industries and products.
During the first 3 years of the trees’ growth, HAL inter crops with other food crops such as beans, maize, spices, pineapple etc.

Environmental Benefits to humanity
Physiological studies have shown that at maturity Hévéa trees form a canopy which is thicker than a virgin forest hence taking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out pure Oxygen. Rubber trees remove 363 million Kg of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and replace it with life giving Oxygen. It helps fighting green house emission effect and global warming. Environmental benefits are endless. Natural Rubber is biodegradable and degrades naturally compared to synthetic rubber which does not degrade causing environmental pollution in many cities around the globe.
Environmental organizations in the fight against climate change and environmental protection are welcome to partner with us.